What is an NFL Same Game Multi?

An NFL Same Game Multi is a recent phenomenon in the punting world, but it has quickly become a favourite.

Although Same Game Multi’s haven’t been around for too long, there’s a pretty big reason they’ve risen to rapid fame.

A Same Game Multi is a very simple, and very specific, type of bet. You are able to combine different single bets/legs in any NFL Match, that merge into one Multi Bet.

The Payment and odds begin to rise with every leg you add, and become much higher and more substantial than just betting on the single.

For NFL Same Game Multi’s, you have the ability to choose up to 12 legs with almost all betting agencies – including Australia’s favourite, Sportsbet.

Now, you’re probably thinking:

‘This sounds pretty good… but how does it all work!? I still need more information!’

And that’s why we’re here to help.

Instead of placing a bet on ‘Tom Brady to throw for over 225 yards,’ you can instead combine this with other bets you think will get up.

Then, hopefully with a little luck, you can get more bang for your buck!

If you navigate to any ‘NFL Market,’ you will see either an ‘All Markets’ subsection, or a ‘Same Game Multi’ Icon. Click on the Same Game Multi Button and add your selections one by one.

They will automatically appear in your Bet Slip, adding to the Same Game Multi and Calculating the odds for you as you go!

NFL Same Game Multi Tips & Strategy

Quick Tips:

Well, now that we’ve gone through how to place a Same Game Multi, and what they are, you probably want to know how to get an Edge.

From someone who loves placing a cheeky NFL Same Game Multi, there are a few things to consider:

  • Don’t worry if one of your Single Bets get Voided in your Same Game Multi. Provided all other legs of your Same Game Multi win, your Bet will still be paid out for the total price of your remaining legs. Only the odds added from your voided single will be removed.
  • Do worry if one of your players gets injured or ejected during the match. The leg will still stand and you will not get paid out.
  • Don’t worry if you have a Bonus Bet and don’t want to place it on a single, you’re able to put Bonus Bets on any NFL Same Game Multi.
  • Do worry if your Same Game Multi is going well and you want to Cash Out before all legs are completed. You cannot, and will not ever be able to Cash Out on a Same Game Multi
  • Don’t worry if odds fluctuate on your Singles, this is only natural for every betting agency, and you may even snag yourself a better price!

How The Pros Place Same Game Multi Bets

  • Always check out betting agencies Specials or Promos, that may be running, it’s always good to have a safety net!
  • Never put a Win/Head to Head in your Multi unless you’re absolutely certain, you’re already restricting your win chance by 50%
  • Always check out player stats before putting them in your Multi
  • Never get enticed by ridiculous odds, there’s a reason that player is paying $6.50 to score a touchdown and winning money is better than no money!
  • Always check out what players in similar form are paying, there’s a good chance someone may be paying slightly more to score than another player, with better averages!
  • Never put something in your Same Game Multi you’re unsure about, just take that leg out
  • Always check who is defending players you’re putting in your Same Game Multi, a good defender can easily limit scoring and running yards.

NFL Multi Bet Example

Here is a list of some of the single bets you may find in an NFL Match against The Green Back Packers and San Francisco 49ers.

  • Green Bay Packers 1st Half Winner – $1.50
  • Devonte Adams to Score a Touchdown – $2.10
  • San Francisco 49ers – Team to Score First – $2.30

Instead of placing three individual bets, you are instead able to combine them into a Same Game Multi.

This means instead of putting $5 on the Green Bay Packers to Win the 1st half and getting back $7.50, you can instead put $5 on Green Bay Packers to Win the 1st half, Devonte Adams to Score a Touchdown, and the San Francisco 49ers to Score First, for a return far greater than single bets.

Because you have the San Francisco 49ers to Score First, and the Green Bay Packers to Win the 1st Half, the odds will heighten again, as these 49ers scoring first makes it less likely that the Packers will win the 1st half.

If you had the Packers to Score 1st, and to win the 1st half, the odds would be lower, as these two markets go hand-in-hand.

Many people prefer to place Same Game Multi’s, as they prefer these higher odds, and the higher return that you will not receive from a single bet.

NFL Multi Specials & Promos

Now, you may be thinking to yourself,

‘What if my Same Game Multi almost wins and only one of my legs fails!? I was so close!’

Luckily for you, there’s a fail-safe plan. For most of the NFL Season, betting agencies, especially Sportsbet, love to run promos, especially on NFL Same Game Multi’s.

Usually, this involves placing a Same Game Multi above 3 legs – and if one of the legs fails, you get your money back in Bonus Bets.

Best Bookie For Same Game Multis

That’s always the hardest decision, but we’re going to make it easier by choosing for you. Sportsbet.

They easily have the best international markets, odds, and promos.

You have to go with Sportsbet any day of the week, there’s a reason they’re Australia’s biggest, and favourite, bookmaker.

Happy Punting!