What is an NRL Same Game Multi?

Same Game Multis have only just come about in the punting world, and it’s safe to say they’re a fan favourite! Chatting to NRL Fans, it’s got to be one of the most common terminologies thrown out there. You’re now probably asking yourself:

‘Well, what is it!?’

That’s what we’re here to explain!

An NRL Same Game Multi, or a Same Game Multi in general is a specific kind of bet, which lets you combine different single legs on any NRL Match.

These single bets then merge into on Multi Bet, where the odds accumulate and become much, much more substantial than the single.

You’re able to choose up to 12 legs with almost any betting agency, including most Aussie’s favourite, Sportsbet.

TAB alters a little, where you’re only able to combine up to 10 legs.

These cheeky bets may be a bit more risky than regular singles… but with more risk, comes more reward!

So, here’s a little terminology:

Instead of placing a bet on ‘Josh Addo-Carr 2 or More Tries,’ you can instead combine this with other bets you think will get up. Then, hopefully with a little luck, get more bang for your buck, so to speak.

If you navigate to any market within the NRL, you will see an ‘All Markets’ or ‘Same Game Multi’ Button. Click on the Same Game Multi Icon and add your selections one by one.

They will automatically accumulate in your Bet Slip – Calculating the odds for you as you go!

NRL Same Game Multi Tips & Strategy

Quick Tips:

Well, coming from someone who loves a Same Game Multi, there are always a few cheeky things to consider:

  • Don’t worry if you’ve added your Same Game Multi and a single gets voided. If every other leg of the Same Game Multi wins, you will still be paid out the price of your remaining legs. Only the voided single leg will be removed from the total odds.
  • Do worry if your player gets taken off field, whether that be by injury or ejection. That leg of the Same Game Multi will still stand, and unfortunately for you, that leg will lose, and therefore making you lose your entire Same Game Multi
  • Don’t worry if you receive a Bonus Bet and want to put it on a Same Game Multi. You’re totally allowed to do that! Just remember, you will only receive the winnings of the Same Game Multi, not the Bonus Bet itself!
  • Do worry if you’re on a hot streak with your Same Game Multi and want to cash out before all the legs are complete – you cannot, and will not ever be able to cash out on a Same Game Multi
  • Don’t worry if prices change and odds fluctuate, this is only natural and happens with every betting agency – you might even be able to score yourself better odds in a Same Game Multi!

How The Pros Place Same Game Multi Bets

  • Always keep your eye out for specials and promos, they’re run a lot of the time and it’s a good safety net to ensure you get your cash back in bonus bets
  • Never put a head to head in your multi, you’ve already possibly restricted your winning pool by half
  • Always check stats online before adding a leg to your Same Game Multi, just by googling ‘Maika Sivo’ you can head straight to his profile and check out his average stats for the year
  • Never get enticed by ridiculous odds, safe money and winning money is better than no money at all
  • Always check out what players with similar stats are paying, Clinton Gutherson scored 9 Tries in 2020 and would pay $3.20 for one, whereas Michael Jennings scored 7 and would pay only $2.60, making Gutherson the better addition to bump up your odds
  • Never put something in your Same Game Multi you’re only half sure about, may as well just take that leg out and make sure you’re certain!
  • Always check out who players will be matched up against before starting, or if a team has a strong defence, good match-up’s between players can significantly lower chances of a try.
  • Never bet on a try to be scored in 7:59 minutes or less, unless you’re absolutely certain, that way your Multi could lose before it’s even really begun.

NRL Multi Bet Example

Here is a list of some of the single bets you may find in an NRL Match against Melbourne Storm V Parramatta Eels:

  • Storm to Win against Eels – Odds: $1.30
  • Josh Addo-Carr to Score 2 or More Tries – Odds: $3.80
  • Maika Sivo to Score a Try – $1.90

Instead of placing three individual bets, you can instead combine them into a Same Game Multi.

This means that instead of putting $5 on Storm to Win and getting a Return of $6.50, you can put $5 on Storm to Win, Josh Addo-Carr to Score 2 or More Tries, AND Maika Sivo to Score a Try to get 30+, you get a way higher return.

Many people prefer to place a Same Game Multi, as they prefer both higher odds and higher return that you will not get from a single bet.

NRL Multi Specials & Promos

Now, you may be asking yourself:

‘What if only one of my legs fails and I’m so close to winning!? ’

Lucky for you, there’s a plan in place for most of the NRL Season. Sportsbet love to run promos, especially on NRL Same Game Multis.

Usually, this involved placing a Same Game Multi above 3 Legs, and if one of the legs fails, you get your money back in Bonus Bets!

Best Bookie For NRL Same Game Multis

That’s always the hardest decisions. A lot of them have very specific pros and cons. You’ve got to go with Aussie’s Favourite, Sportsbet in this instance though.

The odds for a try scorer are significantly larger than most other agencies, and they have pretty unique markets to punt on.

Also because you’re able to Multi… your Same Game Multi!

So, You think Storm will beat Eels and and Maika Sivo will score a try… but you also think Roosters will beat Raiders and Brett Morris will score 2 tries.

Well, we have a solution! Sportsbet offer combination Same Game Multi’s, so you can add all these selections together to make a bigger multi, with greater odds!

Just combine them as you would usually, and let Sportsbet do the rest!

They’ll calculate all of your odds for you, and combine the Multi’s for you! Just make sure you click that ‘Same Game Multi’ tab when you open up your betting site!

Happy NRL Multi Betting!