What is a Same Race Multi?

A Same Race Multi is a pretty new buzzword that’s being thrown around the punting industry – and has pretty rapidly become a fan favourite.

It’s now a very commonly used term, and for good reason.

A Same Race Multi is a very specific kind of bet, which allows you to combine Horses in the Same Race, to come finish 1st, come in the Top 2, come in the Top 3, or Top 4 of a Race.

You’re then able to cheekily merge them into one big Multi Bet!

You can pick minimum two horses and can have them in any combo you’d like (Example: Pondus to win and Master of Wine to finish in the Top 3).

The payment odds then rise and become a lot more substantial than just a single or each way bet. You’re able to add up to 4 horses in your Same Race Multi for every betting agency.

These bets are obviously more risky than your average single… but trust us, when you hit one, it’s well worth the reward!

Now you’re probably thinking…

‘This sound pretty good, but how does it all work?’

And we’re here to help you with just that!

Instead of placing a bet on ‘So Astonishing’ to Win, you can now combine this with other bets you think will get up. Then, hopefully with a little luck, get more bang for your buck!

If If you navigate to any market in ‘Racing’, you will see either the ‘All Markets’ or ‘Same Game Multi’ Tabs.

Click on the Same Game Multi Button and add your selections one by one.

They will automatically accumulate in your Bet Slip – Calculating the odds for you as you go!

Same Race Multi Tips & Strategy

Quick Tips:

Well, coming from someone who loves a Same Race Multi, there are always a few cheeky things to consider:

  • Don’t worry if one of your Horses gets scratched! If every other leg of your Same Race Multi wins, you still receive a pay out for the remaining legs. Only your voided selection odds will be removed
  • Do worry if your Horse doesn’t finish the race, the leg still stands and you will lose your Same Race Multi
  • Don’t worry if you get given a Bonus Bet and aren’t sure what to do with it! You’re always able to put Bonus Bets on Same Race Multi’s!
  • Do worry if your Horses have all gotten up and you want to cash out before the final race – you can never and will never be able to Cash Out on a Same Race Multi
  • Don’t worry if odds fluctuate – this is only natural and will always happen with any Betting Agency, you may even snag a better price!

How The Pros Place Same Race Multi Bets

  • Always look for specials and promos, they’re run a lot of the time and it’s a good safety net to get your cash back in Bonus Bets!
  • Never put a winner in your Same Race Multi unless you’re absolutely sure, always go with a Top 2 bet instead, it’s safer and well worth it
  • Always check stats, Sportsbet have the Horses 3 most recent runs and the Horses place, then you can check out the form!
  • Never get enticed by ridiculous odds – there’s a reason that Roughie is paying $60 to place!
  • Always check out what horses with similar stats are paying, you might be able to snag a $3.60 place instead of a $1.80 place for Horses in similar form
  • Never put something in your Same Race Multi that you aren’t completely certain about – you may as well just take that leg out and be confident in your bet
  • Always check out the competition and the jockey, this could be the difference between your Horse coming Top 2 or 3.

Same Race Multi Bet Example

Here is a list of some of the Single Bets you might find in a Race:

  • Finch to Win – $20
  • Sir Dragonet to Win – $11
  • Master Of Reality to Win – $18

Obviously, all of these bets can’t get up – 3 Horses can’t win the same race! But you’re feeling pretty bullish on them all, what do you do?

Well, we have the easy answer for you… combine them into a Same Race Multi!

So, instead of putting $5 on Sir Dragonet  at $11, and getting back $55, you can instead put $5 on Sir Dragonet to come Top 2, Master Of Reality to come Top 3, and Finch to come Top 4, for a significantly higher return.

Many people are now preferring to place a Same Race Multi, as they prefer the high odds, and the high return that comes with it.

Same Race Multi Specials & Promos

Now, you may be asking yourself:

‘But what if I’m so close to winning and only one of my Horses doesn’t get up!?’

Lucky for you, there’s a plan in place for most of Spring Carnival. Ladbrokes and Sportsbet love to run promos, especially Same Race Multi’s during Spring Carnival.

Usually, this involved placing a Same Race Multi above 3 Legs, and if one of the legs fails, you get your money back in Bonus Bets!

Best Bookie For Same Race Multis

That’s always the hardest decisions. A lot of them have very specific pros and cons. Promo-wise, Ladbrokes or Sportsbet.

They’re always running specials. If you’re looking for the Best Odds, check out Unibet or TAB. But if you want the best of both worlds, getting the hottest Promos, the Best Odds, and the best write-up and form guide on each horse, it’s always going to be Neds for us.

Happy Punting!